“Love is Free”

This one was quite a piece!

We are in the middle of the Phoenix Industrial Zone. The walls are grey, as the weather. lots of trucks, people walking robotically to the factories/offices. This place lives from 7am to 7pm. Then shuts down. That was my first impressions.

After few days of work there, people started to lift their head up. Smile at me/us, telling me the colors were beautiful. Stopping by to tell me about their life, share their stories, tell a joke or just a thumb up after a honk from the car. As if someone just turned on the light!
I remember that old man telling me I should have put one of our politician’s head on the wall, when I asked why he told me “akoz li vilin sa vié p**** la!”.
The security guy helping me by telling me each mistake I had (potentially) made.. according to him “nanien pa sap moi”. and many more..

All of this, is love.
Love is in a smile, a look, a joke, a sign.. love was in all of these people. this is what connects all of us and what makes us alive. No matter what, love is inside of each of us.

And most importantly, LOVE IS FREE.

Big Thanks to Sébastien from Flower Ad for this wonderful and powerful message. Thanks also to Gaz Carbonic, Phil Laos, Jean-Marc Gething, and Rachel for their help.

And to everyone in this street for the love they freely shared

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